Regular Offertory Giving, One Time Donations, and Specific Month Donations

Stewardship is our response to the Gospel imperative to live in an attitude of gratitude to God for the many gifts we are given. We give back to God, through the Church, a portion of what God has given to us. The most obvious way we do this is through financial support of our parish and through donations to other charitable institutions. This is a necessary and responsible way to participate in the life of the parish and to insure that the many programs offered by the parish and charitable organizations may continue. But the concept of Stewardship goes beyond the financial. We are encouraged to share time and talent as well as treasure. Do you have gifts that would enrich our parish? Perhaps you could teach Religious Education to children once a week, or English to an adult. Maybe your gift of hospitality or compassion would enable you to volunteer in our overnight shelter or to join our St. Vincent de Paul Society. Perhaps your love for the Liturgy will prompt you to become a Eucharistic Minister or Lector. At St. Ignatius you will find many ways to practice stewardship, and your rewards will be many. Stewardship reminds us that God comes before all else and that everything we have comes from God.

September 21st: Our online donation link is currently being updated.

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