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LME Day of Recollection: “The Overlooked Ecologies of Laudato Sí”
Time: Saturday, January 30 at 9:00 am

In Laudato Sí, Pope Francis discusses three ecologies: environmental, social, and spiritual. He reminds us that our contemporary crisis calls for a triple conversion. Environmental ecology asks conversion from consumption to conservation; social, from individualism to community; spiritual, from superficiality to depth.

Pope Francis believes restoring our world depends on spiritual and social as well as environmental conversion. Unfortunately, we often overlook the need for the first two. Using the insights of Ignatian spirituality and of Laudato Sí, our program will look at the actions and attitudes appropriate to the spiritual and social conversions that environmental conversion demands.

All are welcome, participants will be invited to share their experiences in small groups led by MCIP facilitators.

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