Interparish Religious Education: Registered Families Only

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Orientation for New Parents
Primary Role of Parents
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Parents are the primary religious educators of their children. What an awesome responsibility! The role of catechists as religion teachers is to help parents meet their solemn obligation. Our expectation in the Interparish Religious Education Program (IREP), therefore, is that all parents will become immersed with their children in an on-going faith development. Parents are enthusiastically encouraged to set aside time each week to review the chapter which was presented in class. (There are special notes at the end of each chapter.) The focus of each book is its strong scriptural foundation - Bible reading is encouraged. Each book also has a prayer and reference section which is age appropriate and a glossary of important words to be understood.

Parents are encouraged to attend the various prayer services, social events and sacramental celebrations during the year. Your participation in these celebrations fosters a strong community of dedicated parents and strengthens our faith in Jesus as our risen Lord.

Classes begin on Monday, September 9, Tuesday, September 10, or Wednesday, September 11, depending on which day you selected for your child.

Grades 1-3: 4:00 - 5:30 pm; classes held in St. Joseph Grammar School

Grades K-6: 4:15 - 5:30 pm; classes held in St. Ignatius Grammar School.
Grades 7-8: 6:00 - 7:30 pm; classes held in Loyola School.

Grades K-6: 4:15 - 5:30 pm; classes held in St. Ignatius Grammar School.
Grades 7-8: 6:00 - 7:30 pm; classes held in Loyola School.

The entrance to St. Ignatius Loyola Grammar School is 48 East 84th Street between Park and Madison Avenues (in the middle of the block on the south side of 84 Street just to the left of McKinnon Hall). The entrance to Loyola School is through the St. Ignatius Loyola Rectory, 980 Park Avenue, between 83rd and 84th Streets on the west side of Park Avenue. St. Joseph Grammar School is located at 420 East 87th Street, between First Avenue and York Avenue.

The Interparish Religious Education Program (IREP) of St. Ignatius Loyola will be offering an additional program of religious formation for preschool children, ages 3 and 4, called the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. This is a Montessori-based set of activities in a new space called the “Atrium.” Within the Atrium the child has the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with God through an introduction to Scripture narratives and the Liturgical traditions of the Church.

You may learn more about the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd by visiting their website at

Classes begin Thursday, September 19th.

Unfortunately, there is no waiting area available for caregivers to wait during class time. Please return at 5:25 PM for pick-up.

Faith formation thrives in a stable environment. It is therefore imperative that your child attend classes regularly and on time. Excessive absence will result in the possible retention of a particular grade. If unforeseen circumstances or illness prevent your child from attending a class, please call Carly-Anne Gannon at 212-861-4764 or email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) before noon of that class day. If this is not possible, please call before the class begins so that we will not need to worry unnecessarily about the whereabouts of your child.

The Program will not be in session on days when schools are closed due to a storm or other inclement weather conditions. We ask parents to use their discretion when sending their child(ren) on days of inclement weather.

It is the parents’ responsibility to teach their children the traditional prayers of the Catholic Church - the Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be to the Father (primary grades), Act of Contrition, Creed and the responses at Mass. Such knowledge is a necessary part of our faith formation. Parents are strongly encouraged to review these prayers with their children on a regular basis.

It is important that your child arrive to class each week with a book. It can be very difficult if your child is not prepared to be an active participant in the classroom activities.

There is a $20 charge to replace a lost book.

For all students in our 7th-8th grade program, a basic facts and information test will be administered. A suitable mastery of religious teaching must be demonstrated in this test in order for a student to continue in this level of the program.

For all students, a progress report designed to inform parents of their child’s progress will be sent home in March.

We are challenged to bring God’s love to others by the way we live our lives. God invites even little children to share this challenge. We can make a difference by our response to this call to service. And so this year we continue our involvement with a number of programs: Food Drives throughout the year and the Toy Drive in December that benefit the Yorkville Common Pantry, and finally our Lenten Project—Pennies for Progress. These service projects give our children the opportunity to help those who are less fortunate.

The 8th grade Confirmation candidates have a service requirement as part of their preparation to receive the Sacrament. More information will follow.

Your child’s safety is a major concern to us and if there is any doubt about the identity of the adult coming to pick up your child, we will always err on the side of caution.

A security person will be in attendance at the entrance to St. Joseph, and St. Ignatius Loyola Grammar Schools on Mondays (for St. Joseph), Tuesdays and Wednesdays (for St. Ignatius). If your child has a special schedule on a particular day or other unusual circumstances prevail, or if you have a complicated family/caregiver situation that you feel we should be made aware of, please telephone or e-mail Carly-Anne Gannon at the above phone number or e-mail location. If there is sufficient time, please send a written message and follow it up with a telephone call.

We ask that you pick up your child promptly. On Mondays, an adult will stay with any child who has not been picked up. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, a child not picked up by a responsible adult by 6pm will be escorted to the Rectory, 980 Park Avenue, for delayed pick-up. In either case, if this becomes a continuing problem, a late fee of $20 will be charged each day. Thank you for your cooperation.

A gentle reminder – please do not expect a young child (K – 4th grade) to leave the building alone to meet a parent/caregiver in a waiting car. This is not a safe practice and, for safety considerations, we cannot permit it.

In our society today, it is very important that we can reach parents. Please make sure that your emergency numbers are up to date, but, most importantly, please make sure your child knows your telephone number(s).

If you move during the school year, please notify us of the necessary changes in address and telephone number.

Click here to download the 2019-2020 IREP calendar.

The calendar lists scheduled events, though minor changes or additions may be necessary at a later date. You will be notified in advance of these changes. We will also send e-mail updates to the calendar and reminders every month. Parents of students receiving First Holy Communion (2nd graders) and Confirmation (8th graders) will receive a list of Dates at a Glance for meetings and events throughout the school year.

Liturgical services are the occasions when we come together to pray as a community. They represent an important dimension of our Program and parents are strongly encouraged to attend these services. Our liturgies on Sunday are now at 9:30 am in the Church and 11 am in Wallace Hall. At both of these masses, the children will be invited to participate in a separate Liturgy of the Word purposely designed to meet their needs and to involve their active participation.

Parents’ attendance at the special preparation meetings and prayer services for first communion, first confession and confirmation and Family Faith Formation sessions are extremely important. Attendance at these meetings is obligatory for parents. For a child can fully appreciate and enter into the sacramental celebration only if the child’s primary teacher, that is the parent, is actively involved in the preparation process. In fairness to the child, therefore, we may need to delay the child’s reception of the sacrament in order to give the child more time to make up for the parents’ lack of involvement.

Please note – second graders (those children who are in either 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E or 2SJ) will be receiving both their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion this year.

The Interparish Religious Education Program held at St. Ignatius, and St. Joseph is a joint effort of the parishes on the East Side of Manhattan to provide quality religious education to their parishioners. We apply no geographical restrictions to families who wish their children to participate in the Program.

The Program, therefore, in order to provide quality education, must be financially self-sufficient. The tuition charge is based on the real out of pocket cost of the Program’s services. (The Program is not charged for the use of parish and school facilities and other resources at St. Joseph, or St. Ignatius.) Though some financial assistance is available to families, we ask every parent to support the Program financially to ensure that the Program can meet its expenses. To receive financial aid, a parent must fill out an application form at the time of registration. Requests for aid are granted only on a yearly basis. We ask those families who can do so to contribute financially even beyond the tuition payment so that we can offer some financial assistance to needy families who want their children to learn the saving truth of Jesus Christ.

Parents have often requested a reference for professional psychological services either for themselves or for their children when they are experiencing difficulties and some assistance seems called for.

We highly recommend:
Kenwood Psychological Services
David M. Kelley, Ph.D., Director
124 East 84 Street, Suite 1D
New York, NY 10028
212 744 2121

Dr. Kelley takes great care in selecting an appropriate therapist or counselor to meet the needs and requirements of each person requesting assistance.