Lay Ministers’ Enrichment

Who We Are and What We Do
LME is a ministry that organizes days of spiritual enrichment for the entire parish community.  LME programs offer members of the parish and guests time to pray together, learn together, get to know each other, and deepen the faith of the parish community.

Who Participates in LME Programs
All are welcome. Our events are held in Wallace Hall adjacent to the church three times a year and feature a guest presenter/facilitator on topics selected for each program. Our participants are engaged and value interacting with each other in small faith sharing or discussion groups as much as they do interacting with the day’s facilitator. In some formats, attendees enjoy the opportunity to ask questions, often relating the presenter’s topic with their own life experience. Our days begin with breakfast and include lunch, which offers more fellowship time. We conclude the day with Mass or a prayer service.

Upcoming LME programs are announced on the St. Ignatius website and in the Sunday bulletin. Registration is required; details on how and when to register are included in each program announcement.

Topics of the 2010-2011 were:
• Jesus’ Ministry and Yours
• Baptism, Confirmation … Then What?

• The Power of Liturgy: In Your Life, In Your Church, In Your Ministry

Topics of the 2011-2012 programs were:
• Your Call: To God, To Church, To Ministry
• Living Our Vocations: God’s Will, Our Desires

• Presence is Abundance: Engaging Life’s Conversations

Topics of the 2012-2013 day-long programs were:
• Compassion: Facing Challenges in Life, Church, and Ministry
• The Power of Invitation: Friendship with Christ in Ministry
• Our Sacred Story Nestled in the Ordinary

Topics of the 2013-2014 programs were:
• The Year of the Family: A Journey From the Vatican to the Street and Back Again
• Bring Contemplation Into Action. Bringing Action Into Contemplation: Seeking Awareness of Christ’s Presence in Everyday Life and in Your Ministry

Topics of the 2014-2015 programs were:
• The God Whom Lay Ministers Serve and Represent
• Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness: Music and Worship at St. Ignatius Loyola
• See What Love the Father Has Bestowed On Us: A Mini Retreat Experience of the First Exercises

Topics of the 2015-2016 programs were:
• Being Mercy Where You Are
• A Lot of Things: Wisdom from the Book of Expectations

Topics of the 2016-2017 programs were:
• Discernment and Decisions in an Age of Distraction

Topics of the 2017-2018 programs were:
• St. Joseph: Companion in Change
• Spirituality for Both Halves of Life

Upcoming Events

Sat., Jan. 30, 9:00 am
LME Day of Recollection: “The Overlooked Ecologies of Laudato Sí”
Presented by Fr. Thomas Feely, SJ