LGBT Catholics and Friends

LGBT Catholics and Friends meets at the Parish House on the third Thursday of every month, from September to June.

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Who We Are
We are a group of LGBT parishioners and family and friends (and parents) of LGBT persons. We are a parish ministry of, by and for our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender sisters and brothers in Christ and those who love and support them. Our ministry extends to, and embraces, the mission of the entire parish, our home.

What We Are About
Our ministry is inspired by the words of St. Ignatius: “God loves us, creates us, and wants to share life with us forever.”

First and foremost, we are creating a home at St. Ignatius Loyola where all LGBT persons and those who love and support them are welcome, and where LGBT persons are fully affirmed and celebrated.

Second, we strive to be a beacon of hope for persons who have felt marginalized and cut off from our Church, inviting them to renewal through a ministry of reconciliation and justice. We foster mutual respect, compassion and sensitivity between our parish (and other ministries in the parish) and the wider community on LGBT issues through education and dialogue.

More specifically, we follow the Ignatian Way with its three essential components:

Prayer: We provide opportunities for spiritual enrichment—prayer groups, retreats, spiritual direction— with a focus on the needs and challenges of LGBT persons and their families and friends.

Community: We build community with regular meetings and special events—lectures, cultural and social gatherings; we provide a safe and open space for fellowship, sharing and support for LGBT persons and their friends and families.

Service: Striving to be “men and women for others,” we provide volunteer opportunities, alone or in collaboration with other groups, focused on supporting LBGT persons and their needs and concerns.

Finally, we seek to be agents of change, combating personal and structural homophobia, and standing with LBGT persons, their families, friends and supporters.

Our Stories: Being LGBT and Catholic
This booklet features the stories of 6 members of the LGBT Catholics and Friends ministry sharing their personal accounts of reconciling their faith with their identity.


Upcoming Events

Sat., Nov. 28, 12:00 pm
The Amazing Race 2020
A fun afternoon for all ministries and parishioners!


Fr. Michael P. Hilbert, S.J.
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